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At the Dallas Regenerative Center, our clinicians are pioneering the use of Personalized Precision Medicine to help you achieve the youthful, rejuvenated life, activities, feelings, and looks you desire to live your life to its fullest potential. Because we believe the constraints of the current medical system prevent practitioners from truly practicing the art of medicine, we only use the latest technologies, backed by scientific evidence, to accomplish your goals.

We employ Functional Medicine therapies, including genomic testing and hormone replacement, to ensure your body and mind are operating at their maximum potential and peak efficiency—to enable you to think and heal more quickly as you did when you were younger. From this point, we will create a custom designed program around your needs, incorporating procedures and modalities in the realms of Pain Management, Sexual Wellness, and Regenerative Aesthetics, Sexual Wellness to ensure you’re living a healthier, longer, and more fulfilling life.

The combined power of a personalized program designed by the clinicians at our practice—which is also a training center for these same procedures—ensures that once you complete our program you will have the potential to live your best life, feeling and acting like you could before the degenerative, cumulative effects of aging began slowing you down.

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Pain Management

High Power Laser Therapy (HPLT)

Regenerative Biologics

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ECSWT)

Functional Wellness

Genomic Testing

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Custom Compounding & Supplements


Regenerative Aesthetics

BabyFace XO®


Body Contouring & Cellulite Reduction

Regenerative Hair Restoration

Sexual Wellness

Male Sexual Wellness

Female Sexual Wellness

Restore Youthful, Smooth, Radiant Skin


Microneedling, also referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy, is a minimally invasive skincare treatment that can be combined with biologics such as PRP to help rejuvenate the skin and smooth out wrinkles, address sun damage, and reduce the appearance of acne scars, scarring on the body due to injury or surgery such as C-Sections, or even stretch marks.

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Make the Most of Your Regenerative Biologics

Fractional Dermal Infusion

Fractional Dermal Infusion provides a pain-free, no-downtime technique to get a substantially larger amount of hydrating tinctures, serums, and regenerative biologics such as PRP directly into the most critical tissue plane of the face, increasing collagen production and hydrating the skin.

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LadyLift Laser Procedure

The LadyLift rejuvenates and restores firmness, flexibility, and hydration to the mucosa, considerably reducing symptoms that are usually attributed to menopause including urinary incontinence.

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Body Contouring & Cellulite Reduction

The Z Wave targets those areas of the body which are prone to cellulite such as the buttocks, thighs, stomach, and arms. It also helps to improve the tone, texture, and appearance of cellulite.

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Hair Restoration

PRP (PRP) is a natural medical treatment that uses a concentration of platelet cells from the patient’s own body. The platelets used have growth factors that are believed to promote natural healing and rejuvenate damaged hair follicles tissue.

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