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BabyFace XO®

Produce growth factors and collagen like a baby!

What is the Babyface XO®?

One of our most popular BioFacials, the BabyFace XO was developed, perfected, and launched at the Dallas Regenerative Center in order to provide our clients with the most natural and safe solution to aging skin, in effect creating the aesthetic market’s first and only true, non-surgical facelift. By using advanced Regenerative devices and biologics, we are able to reduce or even eliminate the appearance of aging skin, wrinkles, age spots, and more.

The procedure typically requires 24 hours or less down-time, with the “glow” beginning almost immediately and lasting for up to 45 days without further injury.

With the BabyFace XO Procedure you can expect results that highlight your natural beauty and turn back the clock. We believe when you look good, you feel confident, and that creates positive ripples throughout your entire life.


How Does the Babyface XO® work?

During a BabyFace XO procedure, our team will use regenerative devices to shed old skin, create thermal and mechanical injuries to spur the body’s natural healing process, and infuse regenerative biologics to speed up and enhance your natural regenerative cascade. This unique combination releases growth factors and reawakens collagen production that adults lose during the aging process.

The BabyFace XO procedure is specifically designed to deliver to your skin the growth factors that instruct a child’s cells to grow. When these messages communicate with your cells, they re-instruct your cells to behave like a child’s, ultimately causing your skin to look like a baby’s because in a way, it is!

What are some of the benefits of the Babyface XO®?

The non-invasive treatment, no downtime procedure may:

  • Smooth out wrinkles and reduce the signs of aging
  • Improve the appearance of acne scars
  • Reduce the appearance of brown spots
  • Promote healing of damaged skin cells
  • Increase collagen production

How many treatments will I need?

To achieve maximum benefit and ensure long-lasting results, three treatments are typically required. The initial treatment will be the most comprehensive and set the stage for your body to begin the healing, regenerative process. This is followed in 30 days by a follow-up procedure which serves to enhance the body’s Regenerative cascade, providing incrementally beneficial results. This is typically followed by another procedure in another 30 days.

You may also be given products to take home with you in order to ensure your body receives the “injury” required regularly to ensure the regenerative healing process continues between treatments.

How Do I Learn More?

For those wishing to combat the signs of aging, there is a novel treatment that may pave the way to better skin. The BabyFace XO procedure is a revolutionary new therapy that can potentially help regenerate damaged skin by combining traditional cosmetic and aesthetic procedures with advanced regenerative devices, biologics, and protocols only now available.

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