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Dallas Regenerative Center Mobile IV Therapy

Our Goal:

At Dallas Regenerative Center, our goal is to improve the health of our clients by providing the highest quality IV hydration cocktail solutions packed with nutrients to help you look, feel, and function at your highest level.

Who We Are

Our staff consists of experienced paramedics/EMTs who are proficient in each protocol implemented in the preparation and delivery of our hydration cocktails. Each staff member possesses a broad knowledge of the ingredients in our cocktails to ensure every IV drip administered is safe and effective for you. Our cocktails are designed to target your individual needs so that your benefit will be maximized and you will finish feeling fantastic.

What We Do

inside IV Drip Concierge Van

Dallas Regenerative Center comes to you! Our system allows you to relax in a comfortable environment of your choice while receiving the cell boosting hydration your body craves.

Our full service mobile clinic serves the Greater Dallas area and allows us to deliver IV therapy directly to you whether it be in our mobile IV hydration clinic van, your home, work, hotel, or another off-site location. We offer a variety of cocktail drips that address boosting the immune system, weight loss, post-work out muscle soreness, hang-overs, fatigue, skin clarity and more. Cocktails can also be individually customized to fit your needs and desires.

Why We Do it

Mobile IV Drip Van

Dehydration is a serious health issue that effects about 75% of people and has a great impact on how your body feels and functions. The accumulative effects of chronic dehydration can contribute to fatigue, digestive problems, trouble losing weight, premature aging and more. Additionally, your body only absorbs about 50% of vitamins taken orally. With IV vitamin therapy, your body is able to rehydrate quickly and absorb about 92% of the vitamins infused in your cocktail.



  • Cocktails start at $115.00
  • Mobile Service Travel Fee: $50.00 for the first 30min and $75.00 for route longer than 45min travel time.
  • Travel fee waived with purchase of 5 or more cocktails

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