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What is Autografts

Simply stated Autografts is skin tissue or bone graft that is derived from your own body. It has proven to be a much more reliable option because your body recognizes its own cellular identity and therefore usually no complications or rejections occur.  Autografts are essentially an organ transplant. This makes it much easier for the bonding of the injured area to occur. As a result, you have a quicker recovery time!

What Do Autografts Treat?

Autografts most frequently are used to repair and regenerate or cover wounds permanently.  Because the skin is a major organ in the body, the use of Autografts can be most beneficial for wound injuries.

Autografts for Sports Injury and Ligament Damage

Autografts are also used to treat ligament damage from a hamstring injury and other soft tissue injuries surrounding the knee, ankle, or foot

How Does It Work:

Because it has a greater concentration of growth factors it can be used to encourage a brisk healing response. As a concentrated source it can stimulate the healing for wounds and other soft tissue and joint injuries.

How Do I Learn More:

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